[METHOD] How To Make Money With Adsense in 2018 (Using Free Traffic) (No Need to create content) (Works On Complete Autopilot) (Set and Forget)


Thank you! Your access to this premium blog post has been fully granted.

We had a long chat whether to publish this premium post to the masses or not.
We have even considered raising the price for this one, because it’s so unique and powerful.
And I’m not kidding.
It’s all marketers dream so to speak.
– completely free traffic
– no content creation required
– set and forget
– almost instant traffic
– works on complete autopilot
– works in some of the most competitive niches.
– you can set as many adsense income streams as you want
– newbie friendly (after following this premium post you will have your adsense income stream setup today)
It’s already making a plenty of money, but there are lots and lots of room for everyone.
Here’s what happens every time we set up a new income stream:
The traffic starts to flow from various sources.
That’s in the Fitness (high paying) niche.
And it’s not a one time traffic, it increases every day, so as adsense income.
Ok, let’s setup one for yourself…

Setting up a website

Remember we told you that you don’t need to create any content?
Well, you really don’t.
Your content will be added on complete autopilot 24/7 using an autoblogging plugin.
Ok, so if you have worked with Adsense, you probably already have experience setting up a WordPress blog.
Now that you have a WordPress blog, it’s time to set it up.
We will use one of our websites as an example (it’s a real site that’s running right now) (we have build it just a couple weeks ago).
Here’s the home page:
Here’s the single post:
As you can see it’s a very simple looking page.
In our experience, ads placed like this get the most clicks, so we mostly use this kind of website template.

Alright, let’s dive in deeper.

Plugins that we use

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar
It’s a very simple plugin for add to social share buttons on your site and you can publish buttons floating sidebar. Even you can edit share buttons if you wish
CyberSyn is powerful, lightweight and easy to use Atom/RSS aggregation anfd content curation plugin for WordPress.
Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And After Post & Page Content
Pin Your WordPress Blog Posts Pages Images With Pinterest

Post Links Disabler
This plugin will disable all links from post. Just install and activate. Thats simple huh 🙂
Real-Time Find and Replace
Set up find and replace rules that are executed AFTER a page is generated by WordPress, but BEFORE it is sent to a user’s browser. There is a pro version available (less than $10) with additional filters.
Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget
Widget to add some of the most popular follow me social buttons. Retina ready.
Most of them are straight forward and easy to setup.

Adding content to your site on autopilot.

This is where the plugin CyberSyn comes in.
It’s a free plugin that you can find on WordPress plugin directory.
In case you don’t know how to find it, simply go to Plugins > Add New on your dashboard and search for CyberSyn.
Install it and activate it.

Before we start adding RSS feeds to the plugin, there’s one thing that we need to cover.

Click on CyberSyn, then RSS/Atom Syndicator, and click on “Alter Default Settings”.


Then setup these settings as shown below:
Great, now you are ready to add some RSS feeds.

How to Find RSS for you website?

We use
So we simply go to tumblr and search for fitness girls:
Then we open up all of those profiles and simply add /rss at the end.
So if it’s
Then we use and add this one to CyberSyn plugin.
The more RSS feeds you add, the more content will be posted.
We usually add about 20-30 per site:
Now your WordPress is pulling fitness images from rss feeds and updating your blog on autopilot.
Awesome, now let’s setup an autopilot traffic system for your site.

Let’s set up your free, autopilot traffic system

So where the traffic is coming from?
Most of it from social media.
Here’s the above stats exposed:
When Google picks up your site, they will start sending you traffic as well.
Your traffic will fluctuate depending on your niche.
For example, we have a Tattoo site which gets the most traffic from Pinterest.

So as you probably guessed it by now, we will setup a system that anytime your wordpress blog publish a new post, it will be automatically published on your social media account.
And by automatically, we mean, there’s 0 work for you 🙂
So how do you set up such system?
We will use website.
IFTTT stands for If This Then That.
You can automate almost anything that you possibly think of.
Go ahead and create an account.
But before you create an IFTTT acount, make sure you have created your social media accounts and you are looged in, because you will have to connect and authorize your social media accounts to IFTTT.
Connecting your accounts to IFTTT.
It’s very easy to use ifttt.
Simply click on your profile and hit on “New Applet”.
Then click “If This” and search for WordPress.
Enter your WordPress login details and choose “Any new post” as shown below:
This will make sure that your new WordPress posts will be posted on your chosen social media accounts.
Connect your social media accounts.
Connecting and authorizing your social media accounts is very simple.
After you have added your WordPress site, hit on “+that” as shown below:
Now find the social media account (let’s take Twitter for example).
Authorize your account first.
When you are done choose “Post a tweet with image”:
And that’s it!
Anytime a new post is added on your WordPress, you will see an automatic post on twitter.
IFTTT usually post once an hour.
Evetnually your account will pick up the speed and start getting followers, retweets and likes:
Do the same with other social media accounts.
You can connect Facebook pages, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit and so on.
Now sit back and watch for traffic coming in 🙂


Q: Do you follow others to follow you back?
A: No we don’t. We let followers to follow us. This is how we usually check whether the niche has any potential. If yes, we will start building a follower base.
Q: And you still get the traffic?
A: Yes, even without any followers, you will get the traffic as you can see from our example.
Q: What kind of niches do you think would work the best?
A: Weight loss, fitness, body building, quotes, craft and arts, tattoo. Check out Pinterest for more ideas.

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