[COMPLETE METHOD] How to Make Money with Clickbank and BuySell Ads (starting with just $25)


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BuySellAds is probably the easiest and fastest platform for getting started when it comes to buying banner ad space on blogs and websites.
Here’s what we like about the BuySellAds:
• Very easy to use
• Fast banner ad approval
• You can get started with as little as $25 (minimum deposit).
• Many cheap ad placements on highly trafficked websites and blogs
• Accepts PayPal
• You can get approved almost anything.
We had no problems linking to our squeeze pages, direct linking to the Clickbank offers and even CPA email submit offers (Free iPad, Free iPhone). is a fantastic place to get your feets wet with the media buys and getting fast traffic to Clickbank offers.
So, without any further ado, let’s sign up and then we will cover everything you need to know on buying your first banner ad space.

Getting started on BuySellAds

Step 1. Visit and click on “Advertisers” and then “Get Started”.

Step 2. Click on “Start a Campaign”:
Step 3. Select the category:
We have selected „Health & Fitness“.
For this example, let’s click on „The Healthy Foodie“ website.
This is where you can see the whole information about the
According to BuySellAds, this blog gets around 425,000 monthly impressions:

Not bad.

TIP: most of the time you can trust this information, but we always re-check
everything ourselves to make sure that the site is really legit.


Another reason you want to check the website first is to check out where your banner ad will be placed.
Here’s the actual website:
The blog looks legit. We can see that the content is up to date and even have some comments.
Ok. Let’s check the Facebook page:
I really like what I’m seeing thus far.
212,409 total fans.
And they are very active on liking and sharing FB posts.
From what we have just saw, it’s more than likely that this site actually get ~ 425,000 monthly impressions.
To confirm that we can do a few more things.
First, let’s head over to the and see what it says:
280.000 monthly visits. Knowing that people are usually browsing more than one page per visit, this only confirms that 425,000 monthly page impressions is more than possible.
I also like the fact that most of the visitors are coming from the United States (51.08%).
From the information that gave us, we can also clearly see that the blog receive most of the traffic from the Search Engines.

Before we buy the banner ad, there is one more step we like to take, and that is to copy the title of one of the random posts from the blog and paste it on Google.
This will confirm that the site indeed rank great and get organic traffic from Google search.
Brilliant. It ranks first for a randomly selected post title.
Not only that, it also contains a picture nearby which tells us that Google sees this website as an authority site.
That is all I need to remove my doubts and proceed with the purchase.
Select how many impressions you want to buy and then create your account.

Creating your BuySellAds account

It’s pretty straight forward. Just fill out the form and hit on “Create an Account”:
You are now ready to buy your first banner ad space.
But before that, there are a few more tips I want to share with you.

Banner Ads

It’s been proven time and time again that ugly and aggressive banner ads almost always outperform professionally designed banners.
This means, you don’t need to hire an expensive graphic designer. You can easily design them yourself using a simple software, such as Windows Paint.
Below we have collected some of the most effective banner ads that have been actively used in the media buying space for quite some time now.
Weight loss banner ads:












Don’t reinvent the wheel. These type of ads do work. Use them.

Landing page tips

As we mentioned before, you can easily direct link to your Clickbank offer.
If this is what you have decided to do, then it’s ok.
However, we personally almost always use some kind of landing page.
We will discuss why in just a second.
When buying media from a specific blog or a website (let’s continue with „The Healthy Foodie“) there is one thing we absolutely want to do on our landing page.
And that is including the name of the blog.
For example, on your landing page you say something like this:
„This special FREE Report is for „The Healthy Foodie“ users only“
„Special Offer for „The Healthy Foodie“ users“
If you could get approved your landing page with „The Healthy Foodie“ logo and similar or even identical style and look (background, color palette), that could sky-rocket your opt-ins and sales like crazy.
If you are asking for a sale or even an email address, you want your visitors to feel safe and secure by transferring some of the authority from the blog to your landing page.
I have quickly designed a squeeze page for you to see what I mean:
Now, that could be too aggressive, but you get the idea.
This is very important to test if you found a blog/website that can get you a lot quality traffic.
This one tip alone can double or even triple your results and turn a losing campaign into a winning campaign literally over night.

Buying banner ad space

When you have your banner ad and landing page ready, let’s go back to the BuySellAds and complete the purchase.
Complete the purchase and then just sit back and wait for the blog owner to approve your banner ad.


Another tip we can give is — don’t jump from site to site. Pick one highly trafficked blog and optimize your banner ads and landing pages until you make it work.
Also, use personalization, demographic information (from, scarcity (count down timers) to increase your opt-ins and sales.
I hope this will be useful.
Good luck!

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