[COMPLETE METHOD] How to Make $974/month With Clickbank and Youtube (Without Uploading any Videos)?


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Our team member Jane is a very smart person.
She discovered this method on complete accident while she was watching Youtube videos on fashion, makeup and other girly stuff.
Now you may ask, “how in the world can I make money on YouTube without even uploading any videos?”
Well, in this post you will discover the exact method that will allow you to do just that.
One morning when I came to the office here in our headquarters in Atlanta, I saw Jane all excited and I immediately knew that she was onto something big.
When I asked her what’s going on, she looked at me and said I got it!
“Do you remember when I said yesterday to you that I found this very outside the box strategy to make money with YouTube without uploading any videos?”
I said yes.
“Well, when I came to work today I was astonished”, she continued.
This simple method actually already made us 1 sale. Overnight.
From just one video!
“And you won’t believe me how we did it”, Jane said.
Well, that really intrigued me.
Then I asked her is it really legal?
Do you need to comment on other people videos?
“No”, she said.
Is it involved spamming?
“No, it’s perfectly whitehat method.”
Is it Youtube Ads?
“How much money do you made?”, I quickly asked.
“Not much, just $13, but Andrew, there’s a huge potential with this!”, she shouted excited.
(update: and it was, since she was almost doubling her money daily after we spoke that Monday).

As mentioned time and time again on our blog, we prefer income methods and systems that are:
• easy (no technical skills)
• fast (30-60min/day)
• scalable (to reach at least $100-$300/day)
• autopilot (make money while you sleep)


And the following step-by-step method is exactly that.
• You don’t need to create any videos
• You don’t even need to upload any videos
• You can see traffic coming in almost immediately
• You can implement it tonight

In fact, when she outlined the whole concept, my thoughts were, “This is brilliant. This should work even better with CPA offers!”
So the story goes like this:
When she was browsing Youtube on Sunday, she noticed that those makeup videos (makeup tutorials) receive a huge amount of views.
I’m talking about thousands upon thousands of views daily.
So her first thought was to message the video author and ask if she could promote her link at the end of her newly produced video.
Jane had found a great converting (skin care product) that she thought would be a great fit.
But then she noticed that most of those makeup tutorial videos didn’t had any outside links in their description box:
And here are some more:
This was the ‘aha’ moment for Jane.
Why wait for the channel author to create a new video recommending your affiliate offer (which is also a cool idea btw), when you can INSTANTLY tap into already successful video and siphon the traffic directly to your Clickbank affiliate link?
And that’s exactly what she did.

Method Overview

The method is very simple:
1. She found high trafficked YouTube videos (I will show you how in just a moment)
2. She messaged the video owners and asked if they could add her affiliate link in the description box for a one time, or a recurring fee.
That’s it! Simple as that.

Total genius!
What’s the fee you ask?
It depends on the niche and how savvy those video owners are.
Usually it can cost you around $10 to $20 (one-time payment) per video.
But if you calculate, you only need 1 sale to break even. And then the rest is profit.
Some video owners are smarter and could ask a recurring fee. Which is also not bad considering if you made money in the first month and the traffic (views) are still stable.
So, if you are ready to test this stuff, let’s move on to the Step-By-Step process and some LIVE examples to get some ideas running.

Finding a trending (high trafficked) video.

If you want to find videos for skin care, acne or CPA offers (such as free makeup gift cards), you simply go to Youtube and type Makeup Tutorial in the search box:
Around 5 million videos to choose from.
You need just one person to agree and then negotiate with her so that she could add your affiliate link to more videos. Which is what Jane did and as you can see her profits grew from there exponentially.
We are going to do a test and another time ask if they could add our affiliate link for free and then split the profits with them. This should make more money for the video owner and we wound’t risk anything. Sounds like a win-win situation?
Andrew, why wouldn’t they just go and sign up for Clickbank and add their own affiliate link?
Because they are not marketers and probably have no idea about the affiliate marketing concept.
OK, so this is just one example.
If you are in the weight loss niche, you can use a similar strategy by finding videos that are indirectly related to fitness and weight loss.
For example, recipe videos:
These videos also get a nice amount of views.

Finding general trending/viral videos

Targeted traffic is great, but there are many general videos that can be monetized as well.
In fact, general trending/viral videos sometimes get millions views per day.
Being a smart marketer you can make good money if you present a broad appeal niche offer, such as free ipad, free iphone or free gift card of some kind.
If CPA email submits is your thing, you may want to try it.
Which videos get the most views?
Below are the categories that get the most views and interest:
• Music videos (single tracks, remixes, mixes)
• Trailers (movie trailers)
• Games (Minecraft, GTA and etc.)
• Magic tricks
• Viral/event/funny videos (filmed with smartphones by amateurs)
• Pet videos (cute puppies, dogs, cats)
You can see which videos are going viral right now by clicking on the link below:
This will show you what’s Popular On Youtube right now at this minute.

Live examples

After doing some more research on this method, we have found that some people were already doing similar stuff with other niches.
Some of them were quite original.
This one video really caught our eyes:
It’s a dubstep music mix with over 2.8 mill views and growing.
Take a look at the description. Clickbank affiliate link!
What we like about this particular example is how smart this guy adopted the angle to the video.
Since this is a music video, he found a Beat Making Software on Clickbank and boom 🙂
Luckily for us, there are many similar videos (with many different music styles to choose from) that are waiting for us to add our affiliate link.
PLEASE NOTE: we’ve not tested this personally, so we can’t guarantee any results. But since he’s using his affiliate link for a while now, that means it is working for him.
Magic trick related videos get a nice amount of views too and I know for sure that
Clickbank has some great offers in that niche as well.
Another example is again in the music niche.
Katy Perry remix video.
This guy is using a very similar approach as the above dude with the dubstep mix.
So I guess it’s working after all?

Contacting the owner and proposing a deal

One obvious thing, in my opinion, why this strategy worked for Jane was because she’s a female. And she didn’t come across in a very aggressive typical male marketer way.
That, no doubt, gave her a huge advantage in closing the deal with the video owner.
Something to keep in mind 😉
Let’s use the previous videos to illustrate how to contact with the video authors.
It’s very simple.
1. Click on the channel name below the video.
2. Inside the channel hit „About“.
3. And then click on „Send message“.
Then make an offer.
For obvious reasons, we can’t suggest the exact message text, simply because if too many people will start using the same message, this won’t be so effective.
Be original.
Then we would wait for him/her to get back and negotiate the price depending on how fast he/she replied and how excited the owner would sound in his/her message.
If the owner is excited and replied very fast, that means he/she is desperate and probably one time $10 payment would be more than enough.


We have recorded a bonus video for more information and more detailed explanation.


BONUS METHOD: Buying Youtube Channels

What you are about to discover is something that is going on under the radar, but no one is talking about very loudly.
One of the reasons is that Youtube don’t allow that kind of practice.
The good news is though that it’s not easy for Youtube to control or catch those who are
doing this.
Some of the highest caliber affiliates I know are making crap load of money simply by buying already successful Youtube channels and monetizing with CPA and Clickbank.
Basically, they go and find channels with videos that get a lot of traffic and are somehow related to the Clickbank offers.
Then they message the Youtube channel owner and offer anywhere from $100 to $200 per channel.
Here’s a blog post from ShoeMoney on buying Youtube Channels to get a better idea of how the whole process works.
Please note: we do not own or claim to own rights to the following blog post.
All the credit goes to ShoeMoney.
In fact, I highly recommend checking out ShoeMoney’s blog.
He’s at the top of the game.
You can visit the blog and read the same blog post here:


And here’s the actual blog post:

How To Make Money Buying YouTube Accounts


I’ve been playing around with buying Youtube accounts lately for traffic and wanted to share some of my story…
Now you might be wondering why would anyone want to buy a Youtube account?
Well if you can find a good account with a lot of views in your niche then you can promote your website or affiliate links on those accounts pretty easily.
Take for example this video…
As you can see, this video has 77,258 views on it.
It’s not a ton, but if the account has 20-30 videos like this then it would be well worth it to try and buy the account.
All you have to do is go to Clickbank and find a workout of diet product and promote it with an affiliate link under the video.
You can also add annotations to the video so that you can direct them to your URL (redirect it) as well…
Now the other way you can do this is to find accounts that have just 1-2 KILLER videos with millions of views.
This is what I try to do.
Most of these accounts are run by kids who have no clue that the views they have are worth anything.
So for a 12 year old kid, if you offered him $100 for the account he would probably gladly take it.


This is where it boils down to a numbers game.
Most of the accounts you want, you’ll have a hard time getting an answer from the owner.
And if you do, most of them are skeptical that you’re going to scam them or steal their identity (cant happen, but people are skeptical) I heard some good tips on this from a Jason Moffat video I watched a while back – he said that what was working for him was using something like this in a private Youtube message…

Hey, I just came across your Youtube account and Im interested in buying it.
My buddy and I are having a competition to see who can get the most traffic to
our websites and I want to use some of the videos you have to do that.
If you want to setup the videos on another account thats fine with me, I just
want your account as it is.
I can pay you like $100 for the account – and Ill send you the money via
Paypal or a check in the mail.
Let me know if youre interested.

Now one of the keys to this is that you have to find accounts that someone has no emotional or economic attachment to.
If someone has a bunch of workout videos for their own site and they are making money with it, they arent going to sell it to you.
And if some little kid has a bunch of his favorite WoW clips on his account, then he’s prolly going to be hesitant with giving it up…
This is why you either have to tell them they can keep all the vids and move them to a new account – or you need to find accounts that just have 1-2 really good videos that have 1 million+ views….


Once you agree on a price, then all you need to do is get the password from them.
Make sure you change it right away (along with any other information).
And then you can start to monetize the videos by linking them to your affiliate links – or by sending them to your own website.
The best ways to link up is in the “About” box and also put annotations on the screen that direct people to your website or redirecting URL.
One of the easiest ways to figure out which accounts to buy would be to go Clickbank and find products that would fit certain types of videos.
So if there is a Youtube video of a 7 year old doing a killer solo on guitar then find a “learn how to play guitar” product on Clickbank and put an affiliate link in there.
You could literally do this for almost every niche that has a product on Clickbank.


So far I’ve bought 5 accounts for $650 total.
My total affiliate commission made off all the accounts has been $1750.
Now the good thing is, if these accounts all stay active and the traffic stays the same, I’ll make an extra $10,000-$12,000 dollars this year off the accounts.
I havent hit a MAJOR winner ($5k or more per month), but Im going to keep trying to see if I can find one…
– Justin

Pretty powerful, huh?
Hope you enjoyed this method 🙂

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