[COMPLETE METHOD] 3-min Trick to Get Free Traffic to your Clickbank affiliate links? Works in Any Niche.


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This traffic trick is something that we found by a complete accident.
Not only that, when we actually implemented the trick, we were surprised how well it actually worked.
Here’s the best part about this traffic method:
• The traffic is free
• You can receive clicks in super competitive niches (such us weight loss, blood pressure, make money online, fitness, self-help and etc.
• Works on complete autopilot (set and forget)
• The traffic is targeted and very high quality (mostly from English speaking countries)
• You can send the traffic anywhere you want (to your blog, squeeze page, landing page and Clickbank affiliate links)
• You will see the traffic coming in the same day.


The Traffic Source

If you have already bought our “Full Access” Plan to our premium posts, you have probably read about the quora.com

Quora.com is basically a questions and answers website.

It’s very hot right now and just keeps exploding every single day.
We won’t be using for Q&As.
There’s a hidden trick that almost no one is using it.
You don’t need to be first for your post to be seen.
And you don’t need any upvotes.
So what it is?
It’s quora.com blogs!
When you click on your name, you choose “blogs”:




And this is where the fun part begins.
You see, you can create as much blogs as you want (not just one).
And then you can create as much blog posts as you want.
What’s so cool about them?
First of all they rank high in the Google search engine, so you can expect a lot of free traffic.
Second, when someone types the exact name of your blog in the quora.com search box, your blog will appear:
For our incomevoice.com website, we have created a blog on quora.com with a title name “How to Make Money with Clickbank”.
To our surprise, even in such a narrow niche, we are still able to get a good amount of free traffic.
We will go through the numbers in just a moment.
Imagine if you had a ton of blogs in a mainstream niches such as weight loss, skin scare, blood pressure?
You could be getting traffic the same day.
And don’t worry, you don’t have to create a unique content if you don’t want to.
Even though it’s recommended of course.
What we do is basically grab the same headline from the original incomevoice.com blog post and paste it there.
Then, we grab a small portion of the beggining of our original blog post and paste it there as well.
So it’s literally copy and paste and it takes just a couple of minutes.
Then at the end of the post we say something like “Click here to read the full post” or Click here to continue reading”.
See the example below:
This Amazon post got over 400 views and keeps on growing.
We track all of our traffic and we see that a good portion comes from quora.com
If you have a blog that is filled with content but don’t get any traffic, we highly recommend to publish as we do on quora.com. You have nothing to lose.
Some of the most popular quora blogs get literally hundreds of thousands of views:
You can check the blog here: https://abetterlife.quora.com/
But of course, the views will depend on your niche and keywords that you use.


If you use google analytics to track your traffic, quora.com will be shown as ‘direct’ traffic. So don’t freak out if you won’t see quora.com domain referral on your Google Analytics.


How to create your own blog on quora.com?

First, you need to create your account on quora.com. It’s very easy.
Then click on your name and choose Blogs:


Then click on “Create A Blog”:
Then choose your blog’s name, URL and Description:

When you are done, your blog will appear like this:
Then click on “Write Post” and you will be able to publish your blog post on quora.com:

And that’s basically it.
It’s that simple.


There are a couple of pointers before we wrap this up.
First, we have not tested this yet, but we are sure that posting a unique content should bring even better results, so don’t be lazy 🙂
Second, yes, backlinks are important. However, we personally didn’t bought any backlinks to our quora.com Clickbank blog. We are certain that backlinks will improve your rankings in the Google search engine.
Third, make sure you do a proper keyword research. If you know exaclty what your targeted audience type in the search engine (either on Quora or Google), you will be fine.

Hope you enjoyed this premium post.
As usual, if you have any questions, just contact us.

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