[Case Study] How we got 329 Free (Instant) Clicks in just Two Hours and Made an Easy $11.12 with Adsense (by a complete accident)


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$11.12 may not sound like a lot of money, but what if I tell you that it was made in around two hours?
What if I tell you that it was all from Free Traffic?
And what if I tell you that the traffic came in so fast, that made us say ‘WOW, that wasn’t expected’!
The free traffic started to hit one of our blogs almost instantly.
For those who will take action, this post can make A LOT of money.

And yes…
In this case study we will show you everything.
The exact blog that we used.
The exact blog post that we used.
The exact TWO Free Traffic sources that we used.
And the results that we’ve got.
Basically, you can duplicate everything and get the same, or even better results TODAY.

The exact blog post that was used for this experiment

The blog that we used was http://www.yuppyy.com
It’s a typical Viral Adsense Arbitrage blog that was build for one purpose only…
Here’s the exact blog post that we used:
You can check it out here:
It’s nothing more that a simple blog post with a catchy headline.
Interesting/weird/shocking images, some text and of course, Adsense ads all over the page.
I bet you have seen similar pages before. This kind of business model is very hot right now.

TWO Free Traffic Sources that brought us INSTANT clicks

In my 8 years of internet marketing career I have never seen anything like this before.
Free traffic usually takes days or even weeks to took off.
However, it was a completely different story with these two traffic sources.
So here they are…

Free Traffic Source #1 – WWW.IMGUR.COM

http://www.imgur.com is an image hosting website that gets a tremendous amount of traffic.
You basically post an image and it will starts getting views instantly.
It’s because your image will appear on the front page of the imgur (until it scrolls down to the bottom).
So we posted this image and included the link in the description box:
It was one of the ten images from our original blog post.
We instantly saw that it started to get views.
So that same day (26th of May) in around two hours it got over 600 views:
From those 611 views we got 202 free clicks to our post.
We will get into the stats in just a moment.

Free Traffic Source #2 – WWW.REDDIT.COM

Another source that brought us the rest of the clicks (125 to be exact) was reddit.com.
It was an instant traffic as well.
We basically posted the link on reddit and used the same headline as the original post.

The results

The above are the stats from the Google Analytics.
Google Analytics are showing IMGur.com traffic as “direct traffic”.
While reddit.com traffic as a referral traffic.
When I saw the traffic hitting our blog, I instantly thought that this may be useful for our incomevoice.com paid members as well.
So I quickly recorded a screen capture video while the traffic was still hitting the blog:

As you can see in the video, Google Analytics shows only reddit.com domain.
But the most traffic came from IMGur.com which Google Analytics recognize as direct traffic.
This is why you can’t see imgur.com domain on Google Analytics.
But basically, this is what happened when we posted on both of these sites at the same time.

So how much money it made?

To submit an image on imgur.com and paste the link on reddit.com took me around 3 minutes.
After 2-3 hours, the Adsense stats looked like this:
For me personally, $11.12 is more than enough to say that this simple strategy has a lot of potential.
While our goal was to make this post go viral, in this case, it didn’t happen.
However, we found two free traffic sources that produce instant results.
And with the right images and the right blog posts posted daily, this can become a great additional source of income.
I hope you enjoyed this quick case study.
If you are interested in duplicating the exact same business model, don’t hesitate to email us if you will have any questions.
In a meantime, have a great day,
Raimundas M.
Founder and CEO,


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